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Economic section

Economic relations between Iran and Uruguay

The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Uruguay have been well established until 1997 with the cooperation of the international organizations and the sale of oil to Uruguay in exchange for the purchase of products of this country including rice and wool (within the framework of special accounts between the central banks of the two countries).

      Uruguay's positive vote on Iran's human rights resolutions has caused the two countries’ relations to reach its lowest level, but with the change in Uruguay's vote on the human rights in 1998 at the fifty-third session of the General Assembly and the substantial support of Mr. O'Perthey, the country's foreign affairs minister and the head of the 53th General Assembly of the United Nations, the idea of ​​a dialogue between civilizations was approved and the two countries' relations were re-established to a satisfactory level. In sum, the relations between Iran and Uruguay have always been positive and stable over the past years.

       With regard to Uruguay's lack of progress in industrial areas, the Islamic Republic of Iran can, in addition to developing non-oil exports and identifying target markets, improve its relations with this country in exporting technical engineering services in areas such as assembly and joint production of automobiles and agriculture and construction machinery, shipbuilding, oil and petrochemical industries, mining activities, port facilities, and investments in sectors such as slaughterhouses, planting of oilseeds, aquaculture, and in general, agriculture and animal husbandry industries.

      The Islamic Republic of Iran can also consider attracting Uruguayan technology in the field of livestock production and processing, achieving the Southern Common Market, and strengthening the relations with Mercosur (consisting of Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela).

      Given the wide range of rangelands in Uruguay and abundant rainfalls in this country, and given the legality of the purchase of land and property by foreign nationals and interested companies, Iranian investors interested in investing in agricultural affairs and livestock can take a lot of land for the purpose of growing livestock and importing it to our country with the aim of satisfying part of our red meat needs.

It should be noted that the price of one hectare of suitable pasture is currently estimated at around $ 4,000.

      It is noteworthy that so far 5 rounds of the joint economic commission of the two countries have been fulfilled. The most important economic documents signed between Iran and Uruguay are as follows:

1. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Export Promotion Centers

2. Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Field of Rice Planting and Harvesting

3. Memorandum of Cooperation on Breeding Sheep and wool production

4- Memorandum of livestock health

5. Memorandum of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Uruguay 

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