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News > Tehran University renews foreign student admission process

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Tehran University renews foreign student admission process

This system has been designed and implemented in English language for the convenience of the students of the University of Tehran in order to provide an appropriate framework for studying of non-Iranian students and developing the international identity of the University of Tehran.

The University of Tehran system ( is designed to allow applicants, to monitor all stages of the application process, to send the documents electronically and watch the procedures of their application.

Some of the features of this system include registration in the system and the formation of a profile (sign up); the ability to register the draft and the return to complete the request; the ability to track the stage of each request (tracking); the ability to send an e-mail to the user after change of each stage; possibility to insert several recommendations in the registration form and the possibility to apply for a dormitory together with the registration of the application for admission.

Different university departments can apply for this system by sending a request to the university's international deputy if they submit international courses.

It is worth mentioning that the universities of Tehran, Payam-e Nour, Mashad, Qom and Tarbiat Modares are the top universities in attracting foreign students. 

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